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Wednesday, July 20, 2005 

One- and Two-Person Recipes

Cooking single or for a friend as well? Tired of leftovers? Sick of seeing the biology experiments in the back of your fridge? Enjoy world cuisines but can't afford to eat out all the time or at all? This blog may be able to help you out.

I'm a trained cook (no papers, so I can't call myself a chef) and have thrown dinner parties for 2-20 over a few decades. But most of the time, I just cook for myself. Supermarkets have too many "family pack" items. I like my ingredients fresh instead of frozen. But there aren't a lot of single-person portions in most grocery stores, and if you ask, most of the time I find employees make a fuss. So what to do? With a lit bit of ingenuity and organization, you can enjoy cuisines from around the world using one main ingredient for the a few days each week. Sure, it's the same main ingredient for a few nights, but it's not as bad as leftovers. And you won't have to wait until it defrosts.

So look for upcoming postings on this blog. If you are interested in food in general, and fusion cuisines, visit my Curry Elvis Cooks blog.


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