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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tips on Saving Money: Indoor Gardening: Herbs and Sprouts

Burpee Seed Starter: A Guide to Growing Flower, Vegetable, and Herb Seeds Indoors and Outdoors (Burpee (Paperback))Hydroponics For The Home Gardener: An Easy-to-follow, Step-by-step Guide For Growing Healthy Vegetables, Herbs And House Plants Without Soil.
Short of owning your own greenhouse, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere in a cold country, you're probably out of luck for growing any more vegetables until next spring. You can, however, grow herbs and start seeds in mini clay pots on your window sill. (Grow some wheatgrass for your cats, if you have any.) Starting seeds indoors in early spring is also a great way to get your backyard, deck or balcony gardens going when the warmer weather comes. Sprouting seeds are also great for salads, high in chlorophyll, protein, and nutrients. And you can grow many of them without soil.

You can save money on spices, too. In fact, this applies all year round: Buy whole spices and grind them yourself, when you're about to use them. Pre-ground spices cost more in most stores, and they should be used within 3-6 months, preferably less, else they go stale. With fresh ground spices, you get the full aroma - something that pre-ground spices often lack. I like mixing up small batches (enough to last me 2-4 weeks) of unusual whole spices and dried herbs, including tea. I find that unless I put in something extremely contrasting, any mixture I concoct will either work with a dish, or in a soup.

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